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What we do ...

  • Design and implement a communication strategy for the preventive/proactive control of flood and gully erosion across Edo State.

  • Strengthen partnerships across relevant MDA & relevant bodies to increase technical, institutional capacity, and financial support to Catchment Management Plan

  • Setup standards and establish programmes for the prevention and reduction of the vulnerability of land to soil erosion in targeted sub-watershed(s) across the state.

  • Collect and disseminate knowledge on flood and gully erosion control

  • Design a strategy for the enhancement of livelihood option.

  • Implement the reclamation, channelling and remediation work at gully erosion sites.

  • Engage in research to advance the development of catchment management plan.

  • Prepare after consultation with relevant MDA periodic masterplan for balanced and coordinated development of actions of people to adapt to climate change and land management.

  • Reduce the risks to people, properties and businesses from flooding and coastal erosion.