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Ugboha community is a peri-urban settlement that is located in Esan South-East Local Government Area of Edo State. It is bounded by a hilly terrain to the North East portion and discharges its runoff through the community to a downstream point at the South-West portion of the community.

The problem was so traumatic that school children, women and local farmers are often forced to stay indoors during the peak period of rains, preventing school children from learning and other residents from engaging in their socio-economic activities.

Therefore, as a solution to the problem, Edo State Government through the project vehicle, Edo State Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project, commenced with addressing the flooding problem. Members of the community are now enjoying the impact even when the project is yet to be completed.

Essentially, the Project comprises of the construction of open concrete drains along the roads, Stilling Basin, Chutes and three discharge points. The project also includes the bioremediation of necessary areas along the project route to enhance soil resistance around some of the newly provided structure.

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