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Iguosa gully erosion site located in Iguosa village in Ovia North East Local Government Area.

It was an active gully caused by uncontrolled run off from the surrounding watersheds and drains that were not properly terminated that almost destroyed the Igousa Housing Estate that houses most retired workers and Senior citizens .The gully had a total length of about 760 meters and covered a land space of about 5.8 hectares. The gully has ravaged houses and properties worth millions of naira including submerging a factory and Police post.

Edo State NEWMAP intervention included clearing and desilting of existing drains, diversion of runoff through adequately sized drainage channels, construction of cascaded open channels for safe discharge of runoff into gully bed, reclamation of secondary gullies and grassing of reclaimed banks using vetiver grasses. The intervention has brought back life to the area in which residents lived in fear for several years as the gully ravaged the area, while some link roads within the community have been restored with resultant positive impact on the socio-economic activities of the community.

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