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Queen Ede Gully was created by the abrupt termination of a storm water drain by the contractor who worked on the Benin-Asaba Federal Highway.

The gully threatened two communities with about 2000 inhabitants including Ogbeson community, churches including St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, schools including, Queen Ede Secondary School, a Girls School and so many residential buildings The devastating gully which lasted over a decade would have cut Edo State from the Eastern part of the country . In fact, six streets, over 100 houses, two churches and 10 business premises, including Queen Ede Secondary School in Ogbeson area were under severe threat. With NEWMAP intervention the Queen Ede Secondary area has been given a new lease of life while socio-economic activities has since bounced back .

The restoration of the old Benin-Agbor road which was earlier impassible has re-established the link among Queen Ede, Ogbeson and Ohovbe communities now recording over 150 vehicular movement/traffic daily.

The intervention has brought about enhanced family life, stable academic activities in the Secondary school, uninterrupted worship activities in the churches, restoration of businesses, preservation of cultural heritage, complete eradication of fear and apprehension in the minds of residents.

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