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Welcome to the Resources page of the Edo State Flood, Erosion, and Watershed Management Agency (EDOFEWMA). Here, you will find valuable resources related to flood, erosion, and watershed management, including publications, reports, guidelines, and useful links.


Explore our collection of publications on flood, erosion, and watershed management, including research papers, technical reports, and policy briefs. These publications provide valuable insights, data, and best practices to inform decision-making and guide action in addressing environmental challenges.


Access our reports on various projects, assessments, and initiatives undertaken by EDOFEWMA. From project evaluations to environmental impact assessments, these reports provide detailed information on our activities, outcomes, and lessons learned in managing floods, erosion, and watersheds in Edo State.


Find guidelines and best practices documents developed by EDOFEWMA to support flood, erosion, and watershed management efforts. These guidelines cover a range of topics, including flood risk reduction, erosion control, watershed restoration, and community resilience building, providing practical guidance for stakeholders and practitioners.

Useful Links

Explore a curated list of useful links to external resources, organizations, and government agencies working in the field of flood, erosion, and watershed management. These links provide access to additional information, tools, and resources to support stakeholders in their efforts to address environmental challenges.

Educational Materials

Discover educational materials and resources designed to raise awareness and build capacity in flood, erosion, and watershed management. From educational videos to training modules and outreach materials, these resources aim to empower communities, students, and practitioners with knowledge and skills to address environmental issues effectively.

Data and Maps

Access relevant data sets, maps, and spatial information related to floods, erosion, and watersheds in Edo State. These resources can help stakeholders and researchers better understand the spatial distribution of environmental risks, identify vulnerable areas, and inform decision-making processes.

Funding Opportunities

Stay informed about funding opportunities available for flood, erosion, and watershed management projects and initiatives. Our resources page provides information on funding sources, grant programs, and funding guidelines to support stakeholders in accessing financial resources for environmental projects.

At EDOFEWMA, we are committed to providing valuable resources and support to stakeholders engaged in flood, erosion, and watershed management efforts. We encourage you to explore our resources and leverage them to enhance your work in protecting lives, property, and natural resources in Edo State.