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Our Events

Welcome to the Events page of the Edo State Electricity Regulatory Commission (EDERC). Here, you can find information about upcoming events, workshops, seminars, public hearings, and other engagements organized or hosted by EDERC. Our events aim to promote transparency, participation, and collaboration in shaping the future of the electricity sector in Edo State. Explore the following sections to learn more about our events:

Upcoming Events

Stay informed about upcoming events hosted or organized by EDERC. Whether it’s a public hearing on regulatory changes, a stakeholder consultation on industry developments, or a capacity-building workshop for electricity sector stakeholders, our upcoming events section provides details on dates, venues, agendas, and registration information.

Past Events

Missed an event hosted by EDERC? No worries! Our past events section offers insights into previous workshops, seminars, conferences, and other engagements organized by EDERC. Explore event summaries, presentations, photos, and feedback from past participants to catch up on key discussions, insights, and outcomes.

Stakeholder Engagements

EDERC believes in the importance of engaging with stakeholders to gather feedback, share information, and foster collaboration in the electricity sector. Our stakeholder engagements section highlights events focused on engaging with consumers, electricity companies, investors, government agencies, and other stakeholders to discuss regulatory issues, industry trends, and sector challenges.

Regulatory Consultations

As the regulatory authority for the electricity sector in Edo State, EDERC conducts regulatory consultations to gather input from stakeholders on proposed regulatory changes, policy initiatives, and industry developments. Our regulatory consultations provide opportunities for stakeholders to voice their opinions, raise concerns, and contribute to the regulatory decision-making process.

Capacity Building Workshops

EDERC organizes capacity building workshops and training programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of stakeholders in the electricity sector. Our workshops cover a range of topics, including regulatory principles, technical aspects of electricity supply, consumer protection, compliance requirements, and emerging trends in the electricity industry, empowering stakeholders to contribute to sector development effectively.

Public Awareness Campaigns

We conduct public awareness campaigns to educate consumers about their rights and responsibilities in the electricity sector. Our campaigns raise awareness about regulatory changes, consumer rights, energy efficiency, safety tips, and other relevant topics, empowering consumers to make informed decisions and advocate for their interests.

Industry Conferences and Seminars

Stay updated with industry conferences, seminars, and other events relevant to the electricity sector in Edo State. Our events page highlights key conferences, seminars, and forums organized by EDERC or other industry stakeholders, providing opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among industry professionals.

Join us at our upcoming events, engage with us on regulatory matters, and stay informed about industry developments. Contact us to learn more about our events or to collaborate on future engagements. We look forward to your participation!