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Welcome to the Department page of the Edo State Flood, Erosion, and Watershed Management Agency (EDOFEWMA). Here, you will find detailed information about the various departments within our organization, each playing a crucial role in achieving our mission of mitigating the impacts of floods, erosion, and watershed degradation in Edo State.

The HR/Administration/Agency Secretary Department oversees the human resources management, administrative functions, and secretarial duties of EDOFEWMA. Our team ensures smooth operations by managing personnel, handling administrative tasks, and providing secretarial support to the agency.

The Safeguards Department is responsible for ensuring that EDOFEWMA’s projects and activities comply with environmental and social safeguards. Our team conducts assessments, develops safeguards frameworks, and monitors project implementation to minimize adverse impacts and promote sustainability.

The Fiduciary Directorate manages the financial and fiduciary aspects of EDOFEWMA’s operations. Our team ensures transparent and accountable financial management, procurement processes, and compliance with regulations and standards to safeguard agency resources and promote efficient use of funds.

The Engineering Operations Department is tasked with designing and implementing infrastructure projects for flood and erosion control. Our team of engineers utilizes innovative techniques and best practices to develop effective solutions that protect communities and ecosystems from the impacts of floods and erosion.

The Remediative/Adaptive/Mitigation Department focuses on implementing measures to remediate, adapt to, and mitigate the impacts of floods, erosion, and watershed degradation. Our team develops and implements strategies to enhance resilience, restore ecosystems, and reduce vulnerability to natural hazards.

The Legal Communications Department provides legal counsel and handles communication activities for EDOFEWMA. Our team ensures compliance with legal requirements, facilitates stakeholder engagement, and communicates agency initiatives and policies to the public and relevant stakeholders.

The Monitoring & Evaluation Department monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of EDOFEWMA’s interventions and projects. Our team collects data, assesses outcomes, and provides feedback to inform decision-making and improve the efficiency and impact of our efforts in flood, erosion, and watershed management.

Each department within EDOFEWMA plays a vital role in our collective efforts to safeguard Edo State from the threats of floods, erosion, and watershed degradation. Together, we work towards building a resilient and sustainable future for all.